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  • UpTweet Announcement: Lowering Minimum Withdrawal Amount - Auto Withdrawal July 4th!

    We have lowered the minimum withdrawal amount to 0.00000100 BTC so that people can get paid their BTC faster without having their rewards locked up on the site.On July 4th, 2016 we will begin pushing payouts automatically to users once their balance is approved, this way we are never holding user funds. Our goal is to shift to a model where we never hold BTC period (headless). This will require some time to develop and migrate our system over.In the meantime all approved balances will be paid out in full on July 4th, so please be sure that your addresses are correct in your UpTweet wallets! Once these payouts are executed we will not be able to reverse the payment. Payouts will be programmed to be paid out as soon as your balance is approved.Happy Tweeting,Brian

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  • Earn up to 1 BTC per video view !

    Hello there, The new era to earn bitcoins.Earn bitcoins by watching YouTube videos.Earn up to 1 BTC for 30 seconds youtube videos.Instant deposits and automatically cashouts.The minimum cashout amount is 0.001 ฿.Accumulate Bonus Video Points to receive paid video ads. The more BVP you have, the higher value video ads you will get! Paid Video ads will be delivered to your account daily until all your BVP has been consumed. Top it up to earn more! The primary way to do that is by viewing your daily BVP video ads: Bonus Videos.Paid videos that you receive in your account can reach up to 1 BTC depending on the level you are in.Buy advertising packs. For every 0.005 Bitcoin spent, you'll get 100 views to your youtube video, 100 clicks to your banner and 1400 BVP. That will deliver 0.007 Bitcoin worth of paid video ads to your account ASAP.Upgrade your account to Premium, to gain priority receiving the 10x 1% super video ads that are created each time a new video campaign is purchased.Each day, we sum up all the available funds from recent video ad purchases, and then we allocate that money between our users according to how much BVP they have. This system aims to reward "proven valuable" users as much as possible, to try and encourage more valuable users to use BitcoinTube, that our advertisers are really interested in paying to communicating with.Based on that you will receive higher or lower earnings depending of the BVP level you are in as shown below:0-0 to 1000 BVP (0%)1-1000 to 2400 BVP ( 1.8% of total funds shared with members in this group )2-2400 to 24,000 BVP ( 2.7% of total funds shared with members in this group )3-24,000 to 48,000 BVP ( 3.5% of total funds shared with members in this group )4-48,000 to 96,000 BVP ( 6.0% of total funds shared with members in this group )5-96,000 to 180,000 BVP ( 8.0% of total funds shared with members in this group )6-180,000 to 360,000 BVP ( 11.0% of total funds shared with members in this group )7-360,000 to 870,000 BVP ( 13.5% of total funds shared with members in this group )8-870,000 to 2,500,000 BVP ( 14.5% of total funds shared with members in this group )9-2,500,000 to 8,000,000 BVP ( 16.0% of total funds shared with members in this group )10-Over 8,000,000 BVP ( 23.0% of total funds shared with members in this group )Participate in our daily lottery draw and win big prizes! Receive free lottery tickets for each video you watch.-Receive 1 ticket for each video you watch.-1 ticket for each video your referrals watch.-Receive 2x tickets during your premium membership.Having more tickets increases your chance of winning a prize and your odds of winning a bigger prize!Account upgrades and addons that can help you improve your daily earnings are also available in your account after registration

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  • San Francisco Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase Integrates PayPal & Credit Card Payments

    Source: Francisco-based Bitcoin exchange Coinbase has announced today a new PayPal withdrawal option for its US clients. Traders on Coinbase will be able to sell their bitcoin and request a withdrawal into their PayPal accounts. Coinbase users will also have the ability to deposit funds into their account via credit card. According to today's blog post, the new payment options are still in beta, and Coinbase has plans to roll-out the new services to the rest of its 4-million-strong client base over the next few weeks. The PayPal funding option is currently limited to US-based clients, with support for additional countries coming in a few months. Coinbase stated that "many funding mechanisms" will be added in the future to open up the digital currency markets to everyone in the world: "With the addition of credit card support, we are getting closer to a world where customers can purchase bitcoin with any card in their wallet."Comment on the original article here and receive a 10 Gridcoin tip!!!

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  • Payment proof BITCOINTUBE

    Payment proof BITCOINTUBEEarn 0.0005 BTC every day, minimum cashout 0.001 BTC Instant Payment.its amazing site For Earn or Invest BTC.For get Paid Video you must Have 1000 Point, you can get free 100 Point (10 day view Bonus video)100 Point video= 0.0005BTC.1000 Point Video=0.005BTC (group 1)OrBuy Ads Pack 1 Ads pack 0.005 BTCyou get:1400 Video Points(0.007 BTC)100x 30 seconds Video views100 banner clicksit,s mean every ads pack you get 140% Profit (found on the "Advertise" link at the very top of the website.)Per MemberGroup 11000(point)0.0005 Bitcoin/dayGroup 22400(point)0.0015 Bitcoin/dayGroup 324000(point)0.004 Bitcoin/dayHIGH GROUP HIGH REWARDS UP TO 1 BTC/VIDEOSIGN UP NOWmy payment proof

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  • redneck starting a bonfire :)

    if video doesn't load click here

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  • #Bitcoin Price drop, ¿Sell or hold?

    Bitcoin price is experiencing a huge drop these days, going from 780$ to 590$ in only 4 days, almost a 200$ drop.Why? The price has been going up for a long time, the expectations about the next halving made people buy huge amounts of BTC, mostly in China, and now the price is dropping to the real value of BTC, this is a correction of the price. Also yesterday took place an auction in Australia selling $11,5 million confiscated Bitcoins, which has made the price drop even more.So... ¿Sell or hold?It depends on the amount of BTC you own, and the risks you are willing to take. If you don't want to take any risk, you should hold. I think that this correction is necessary, but halving is coming on July 10th, and I expect a price raise then, also, in a long term view, I think BTC will be worth a lot more than now.If you are willing to take some risk, you should sell AND hold. You could make some profit with this drop if you trade, but I will never recommend to get rid of all of your BTCs, not even to trade.Everything said here is my opinion, you are free to agree or disagree with me, take your own decissions.Hope this was helpful to you. Cheers!

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