I love music and here is why

  • Posted on 2018-02-09 21:45:11
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I love pop music because it keeps me calm and takes me away from all the sad and depressing things that can happen in life music is basically my world. I prefer pop music over any other genre of music because i like the way it sounds, just like some people prefer rock music for the way it sounds everyone has different taste in music. My Favorite artists to listen to is some of Justin Bieber's music and Jessie McCartney's songs. The best song by Jessie McCartney is How do you sleep and my second favorite is Body Language. Did you know you can get paid bitcoin to listen to music here? https://bitrad.io it's true, all you have to do is make an account and stream any radio station you like the most and you will get paid a special coin called BRO for just listening to music, how cool is that?.

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