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    • Former President Trump Faces Federal Indictment in Investigation of Classified Documents @realDonaldTrump

      Former President Donald Trump revealed on Thursday that he has received an indictment related to his handling of classified national security records. Taking to social media, he announced that he has been summoned to appear in federal court in Miami on Tuesday. According to an anonymous source familiar with the case, prosecutors have filed seven criminal charges against the former president. The specific nature of these charges has not been immediately disclosed. However, one of Trump's attorneys mentioned that the summons issued by prosecutors references a provision of the Espionage Act and a federal statute that criminalizes the obstruction of an official proceeding. The news of the indictment came after the Justice Department notified Trump's legal team that a grand jury had returned the indictment. Todd Blanche, the attorney leading Trump's defense, personally informed the former president, who has been residing at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Special counsel Jack Smith has been overseeing the investigation into the classified documents and it appeared to be approaching the charging phase in recent days. Trump's legal team had met with senior Justice Department officials in an attempt to prevent criminal charges, but it now seems their efforts were unsuccessful. The Justice Department declined to comment on the indictment, referring inquiries to Smith's spokesperson, who also refrained from providing any details. The White House also chose not to issue a statement. In response to the news, Trump wasted no time in launching a fundraising campaign, sending out an email appeal to donors under the subject line "BREAKING: INDICTED." He strongly criticized the charges and voiced his disapproval of the Justice Department's actions. Trump's attorney, Jim Trusty, acknowledged in a CNN interview that he had not seen the actual indictment but stated that the summons listed several laws under which Trump is expected to face charges. These include the Espionage Act, obstruction of an official proceeding (a charge often brought against individuals involved in the January 6, 2021 events at the Capitol), as well as charges related to falsifying or destroying records relevant to a federal investigation. Trusty also mentioned the presence of false statements charges and a conspiracy count on the summons. Since grand juries have been active in both Florida and Washington, D.C., under Smith's supervision, it remains uncertain whether the disclosed indictment is the sole set of charges Trump will face in relation to the classified documents investigation."Source 

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    • Pence submits official documents to declare his candidacy for the presidency @Mike_Pence

      On Monday, Mike Pence officially submitted the necessary paperwork to announce his candidacy for the presidency, setting the stage for an extraordinary competition between a former vice president and a former president from the same political party. Pence faces the daunting task of winning back the support of Republicans who had largely distanced themselves from him following Donald Trump's presidency. Pence's entry into the race follows a tumultuous two-year period during which he found himself in the political wilderness, particularly due to his actions on January 6th in certifying the 2020 election results, despite intense pressure from Trump. On several occasions, he has encountered disapproval from the MAGA base, experiencing boos at GOP gatherings, including the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference in Florida in 2021 and even at a National Rifle Association meeting in his home turf of Indianapolis this year. The former congressman and one-term Indiana governor perceives an opportunity in Iowa, where his advisors believe he can regain the support of evangelical voters who played a crucial role in delivering caucus victories to candidates like Sen. Ted Cruz in 2016, former Sen. Rick Santorum in 2012, and former Gov. Mike Huckabee in 2008. To help him in this endeavor, Pence has enlisted the assistance of Chip Saltsman, the strategist behind Huckabee's campaign. Pence has expressed a sense of familiarity with Iowa, stating to voters in Des Moines last month, "Iowa feels more like Indiana more than any other state in the nation." However, doubts remain as to whether he can bridge the divide that emerged among Trump's most loyal supporters due to his refusal to overturn the 2020 election results on January 6th, 2021. Within Pence's inner circle, opinions varied regarding his presidential bid, with some encouraging him to run for Indiana's open Senate seat in 2024. In public opinion polls, he currently trails behind both Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, with single-digit support. Dave Kochel, an experienced Republican strategist in Iowa, commented, "At any other point in our politics, he would be built to succeed in the Iowa caucuses because of his approach to politics. But post-Trump, a lot of that's different because he's going to be viewed or judged through the lens of Trump." Over the past year, Pence has operated in a quasi-campaign mode, establishing Advancing American Freedom, which raised $7.7 million in 2021, along with a 501(c)(3) arm that has $35 million available for spending. He has devoted much of his time to promoting his political memoir, "So Help Me God," at events nationwide, where he emphasizes his Midwestern Christianity as a means of connecting with potential supporters. A second book focusing on his faith journey is expected to be released later this year. Pence, who has been outspoken on the issue of abortion, advocating for a nationwide ban, has been the most vocal candidate in the GOP field regarding this matter. Advancing American Freedom even filed a supporting amicus brief to the Supreme Court last summer, backing Mississippi's 15-week abortion ban, which ultimately led to the overturning of Roe v. Wade. In recent months, Pence has primarily directed his criticisms towards Trump and DeSantis, although he rarely mentions Trump by name. At the Gridiron Club Dinner earlier this year, he stated that Trump was "wrong" on January 6th and that "history will hold Donald Trump accountable." Pence's candidacy is further distinguished by the fact that he testified against Trump before a grand jury for nearly seven hours earlier this year, a position no other candidate has occupied.Source

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    • Biden and McCarthy on the Brink of Triumph Following Prolonged Debt Drama @POTUS

      As Sunday morning unfolded, several House conservatives rallied against a deal they deemed "insanity," while some progressives privately grumbled about their party's perceived lack of accomplishments. Nonetheless, as President Joe Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy's agreement was scrutinized by lawmakers, it became evident that the majority of the discontent was originating from the expected fringes. Barring any significant setbacks upon the release of the final text later on Sunday, McCarthy and his counterpart, Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, appeared poised to secure the necessary votes to pass the bill during the upcoming week. This outcome would mark a surprisingly uneventful conclusion to months of high-stakes theatrics between McCarthy and Biden, allowing both to claim victory by averting a fiscal catastrophe. However, this outcome remains contingent upon certain conditions. Negotiators have yet to disclose the complete details of their plan, which has led lawmakers and their aides to scrutinize the agreement during breaks from their Memorial Day celebrations. Should any issues arise within either party, it is acknowledged by Republicans and Democrats alike that such complications could significantly impact their respective efforts to secure votes. Thus far, the whipping operations have proceeded smoothly, particularly for Republicans, with conservative leader Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) expressing early support for the deal. Despite some members of the House Freedom Caucus taking to Twitter to criticize the McCarthy-Biden compromise, none have publicly indicated a readiness to seek retribution, despite rumors circulating among conservative circles about a potential move to oust the speaker. Although McCarthy and his allies privately expressed concerns about conservative discontent leading to a vote of no confidence—a lingering threat from his speakership fight—there is presently no sign of such an uprising. Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.), a member of the House Freedom Caucus and one of the 20 Republicans who opposed McCarthy earlier in the year, refrained from disclosing whether he would consider the so-called motion to vacate. "I am not ruling anything in or out until I see the text," Norman conveyed in a message to POLITICO on Sunday, while affirming that he is likely to oppose the agreement if the preliminary understanding he has heard is reflected in the legislative language. "In essence, I need to see the details put in writing." While McCarthy briefed his GOP members on some particulars on Saturday evening, the White House did not provide a briefing to the Democratic caucus until 5 p.m. on Sunday. Jeffries also informed his members in a "Dear Colleague" letter on Sunday that the full Democratic caucus would convene in person before voting on the deal. During the briefing on Sunday, Democratic lawmakers posed questions to Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young, National Economic Council Deputy Director Aviva Aron-Dine, and White House senior adviser John Podesta about various policy aspects of the debt agreement, according to four individuals familiar with the matter. Over the next two days, they are scheduled to receive six additional briefings on the legislation, covering topics such as TANF and SNAP, budget caps, and permitting, with two briefings assigned to each category. With the expectation that the bill's text would be released on Sunday, lawmakers were advised to prepare for a return to Washington, with votes on the debt package as early as Wednesday and suspension votes on Tuesday.Source 

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    • Democrats Call on Biden to Take Action in the Debt Limit Battle @POTUS

      There appeared to be a brief glimmer of hope in the long-standing deadlock over the debt ceiling. Speaking to the press from an opulent hall on Wednesday, Speaker Kevin McCarthy suggested that Republicans were willing to make concessions to Democrats. However, when McCarthy unveiled the concessions—spending caps and work requirements for social safety programs—it became clear that they were actually Republican demands, not genuine compromises. This taunt by McCarthy privately irked administration officials, but the White House chose not to engage in a war of words. Instead, they maintained a strategic silence as part of their media strategy, aiming to give President Biden space for negotiations and positioning themselves as the responsible adults in the room. While the administration believes that this approach will ultimately pay off, some Democrats on Capitol Hill are growing frustrated. They argue that by not countering the Republican narrative, Biden's team is allowing the opposition to shape the terms of the debt ceiling debate. They feel it's time for the president to take a more active role and are calling for a national address to raise awareness about the seriousness of the situation and the gravity of the proposed Republican cuts. Representative Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, the top Democratic appropriator, emphasized the need for the president to step forward and inform the public about the magnitude of the GOP's demands. Similarly, Representative Veronica Escobar of Texas expressed concern that McCarthy has been distorting the perception of the standoff with dishonest tactics. She joined others in urging the president to change his strategy and make a public statement on the matter. Later on, Biden did briefly address the debt limit fight, but his comments fell short of a comprehensive response to the Republicans' claims. This left many within his own party unsatisfied, as they believe the power of the presidency should be utilized to a greater extent. Members of Congress, including Congressional Black Caucus Chair Steven Horsford, argue that remaining silent in public does not aid negotiations and that it is crucial for the American people to know that Democrats are actively working to reach an agreement and avoid a default. Despite these concerns, Biden's absence from the spotlight is set to continue as he plans to leave Washington for the weekend. This news has raised further frustration among some House Democrats who feel that his absence during such a critical time would be ill-advised and aggravating to the party.Source 

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    • Massive Alleged Exit Scam Soars as Project Nets $31.6 Million

      Another Big Ponzi ScamCrypto investigator ZachXBT has raised suspicions of an exit scam involving Fintoch, a cryptocurrency venture that purportedly received backing from investment banking firm Morgan Stanley. Evidence presented by ZachXBT in a comprehensive diagram showcased the movement of approximately $32 million across various Tron and Ethereum addresses, strongly suggesting fraudulent activity. Fintoch enticed users with a promise of 1% daily interest on investments. However, numerous users have come forward, expressing their inability to withdraw funds from the platform, indicating a potential collapse. Moreover, despite Fintoch's claims of affiliation with Morgan Stanley, the renowned financial institution officially disavowed any connections with the project. Morgan Stanley emphasized that Fintoch misused its trademarks without authorization and emphasized non-involvement in any transactions with the company. Adding to the skepticism, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) issued a warning against Fintoch in early May. The regulatory body clarified that Fintoch lacked proper licensing or authorization, challenging any misconceptions about its regulatory compliance. Further suspicions arise from earlier reports in March, which unveiled that the image of Fintoch's supposed CEO, Bobby Lambert, actually belonged to a paid actor named Mike Provenzano. This discovery further tarnishes the credibility of the project and raises concerns about its true intentions. As the investigation progresses, investors and users of Fintoch find themselves entangled in a potentially extensive financial deception that demands urgent action.Source 

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    • DeSantis' vulnerability as the candidate to challenge Trump has ignited a sense of opportunity among his GOP rivals @realDonaldTrump

      The upcoming week is poised to be a highly eventful period in the 2024 presidential campaign. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) has officially filed his paperwork to run for president and is scheduled to launch his campaign in his home state on Monday. Meanwhile, Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida, is expected to kick off his bid later in the week, aiming to become the latest Florida governor to declare his candidacy with a bold and attention-grabbing rollout. However, the excitement doesn't end there. New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu has expressed a strong likelihood of running for president, stating that there is a "61 percent chance" he will enter the race. Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota is also nearing a decision to launch his campaign in the coming weeks. Speculation about a potential bid from former New Jersey governor Chris Christie is increasing, as he previously mentioned making a decision in a few weeks. Additionally, there's another contender in the mix, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, who is closely watching the race and cannot seem to divert his attention from it. He is considered a political heavyweight and has been generating significant interest. No experienced and successful politician ventures into a presidential campaign without a detailed and plausible strategy for victory. As more potential candidates emerge, it becomes increasingly evident what lies at the core of their plans: a growing belief within the party that Ron DeSantis is not as formidable as he appears. At one point, Governor DeSantis seemed to be the candidate best positioned to challenge both former President Trump and President Joe Biden. He embodied the Trump agenda without the associated baggage, and at 32 years younger, he brought a fresh perspective. His landslide re-election victory in 2022, with the largest winning margin in Florida in four decades, surprised officials from both parties. He also performed exceptionally well among all Latino groups, which caught everyone's attention. DeSantis represented the possibility for the GOP to maintain Trump's conservative policies, unyielding approach, judicial appointments, and provoking of liberals. He was seen as a leader in handling the COVID-19 crisis and had the potential to win back the suburbs and the five states that Biden flipped in 2020. However, DeSantis' controversies, such as his handling of the Disney issue and his stumble over Ukraine, have eroded his image of competence among donors and the business community. Trump's relentless attacks, which DeSantis has left unanswered, coupled with the continuous barrage of criticism, have left the governor somewhat wounded. Instead of projecting strength, DeSantis now appears to have thrived within a protective bubble, shielded from media scrutiny and surrounded by a compliant legislature afraid to challenge him. On the eve of his campaign launch, DeSantis faces the perception that he is a fragile candidate, adorned with a glossy veneer, durable to an extent but lacking the resilience to withstand the forceful blows from Trump or the full onslaught of a united Democratic Party. However, the notion that DeSantis is susceptible to a downfall is only part of the reason why the presidential race has suddenly become more enticing. In the three years since Trump lost re-election, there is little evidence to suggest that he can reclaim the White House, while there is mounting evidence that his presence could lead the party to defeat. This belief is shared by a significant portion of the GOP political operatives and donor class. Most of Trump's primary rivals hold this viewpoint as well, and some, like Chris Christie, openly express it. Christie recently stated in a radio interview, "Donald Trump has done nothing but lose since he won the election in 2016.Source 

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