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  • Mo Beatz Releases LP Album 'Mo Better Beatz Than Blues'

    • Posted on 2014-03-24 18:22:24
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    The Nigerian-born producer known as Mo Beatz has released his latest full-length LP record, “Mo Better Beatz Than Blues,” to uniform, standing ovation. It has been released on the Mo Better Beatz music label. Comprised of 14 original instrumental tracks, it has an approximate playing time of 48 minutes, making it a comprehensive and profound exploration of Beatz' compositions. A work of rhythm, R 'n' B, hip hop, and a dash of soul, “Mo Better Beatz Than Blues” is certain to enrapture music fans from New York City to Bangladesh.

    The sound of “Mo Better Beatz Than Blues” is groovy and mellow, with bass that spreads out, rather than stabs and pounds. His melodies are unlikely and creative, and no Beatz song sounds quite like anything else one is likely to have heard. This is evidently and obviously intentional.

    Speaking of his artistic aims on this record, Mo Beatz writes, “I’m an instrumental artist so my album is more about providing an emotional 'n' sentimental vibe to listeners when they hear it. My music sounds melodic and experimental, different from the average hip-hop albums. So my message would be that you can be melodic and experimental and still make a great hip-hop album without sounding like everything else on the radio!”

    This is a welcome attitude and philosophy in a genre filled with “I can do that, too” copycat artists. Of these, Beatz is far from one. He began his music career “by listening to my parents' old vinyl records and 80’s songs on the radio.” He names as main artistic influences Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, John Lennon, Stevie Wonder, Pete Rock, Jay Dilla, Madlib, and Rza.

    “I love making music,” declares the eclectic urban anthem maker. “It’s a passion of mine. The money is secondary. The joy of making a song and having somebody else feel it is priceless. That’s the validation.”

    The “Mo Better Beatz Than Blues” LP by Mo Beatz is available NOW on itunes for everyone worldwide to preview,buy,and download !! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/mo-better-beatz-than-blues/id663262791, Mo Better Beatz Than Blues, 

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