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    Posted on 2023-06-09 04:09:29
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    Former President Donald Trump revealed on Thursday that he has received an indictment related to his handling of classified national security records. Taking to social media, he announced that he has been summoned to appear in federal court in Miami on Tuesday.

    According to an anonymous source familiar with the case, prosecutors have filed seven criminal charges against the former president. The specific nature of these charges has not been immediately disclosed. However, one of Trump's attorneys mentioned that the summons issued by prosecutors references a provision of the Espionage Act and a federal statute that criminalizes the obstruction of an official proceeding.

    The news of the indictment came after the Justice Department notified Trump's legal team that a grand jury had returned the indictment. Todd Blanche, the attorney leading Trump's defense, personally informed the former president, who has been residing at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

    Special counsel Jack Smith has been overseeing the investigation into the classified documents and it appeared to be approaching the charging phase in recent days. Trump's legal team had met with senior Justice Department officials in an attempt to prevent criminal charges, but it now seems their efforts were unsuccessful.

    The Justice Department declined to comment on the indictment, referring inquiries to Smith's spokesperson, who also refrained from providing any details. The White House also chose not to issue a statement.

    In response to the news, Trump wasted no time in launching a fundraising campaign, sending out an email appeal to donors under the subject line "BREAKING: INDICTED." He strongly criticized the charges and voiced his disapproval of the Justice Department's actions.

    Trump's attorney, Jim Trusty, acknowledged in a CNN interview that he had not seen the actual indictment but stated that the summons listed several laws under which Trump is expected to face charges. These include the Espionage Act, obstruction of an official proceeding (a charge often brought against individuals involved in the January 6, 2021 events at the Capitol), as well as charges related to falsifying or destroying records relevant to a federal investigation. Trusty also mentioned the presence of false statements charges and a conspiracy count on the summons.

    Since grand juries have been active in both Florida and Washington, D.C., under Smith's supervision, it remains uncertain whether the disclosed indictment is the sole set of charges Trump will face in relation to the classified documents investigation."

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